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Why It Works For Parents ...

A while back my daughter said to me, “Look, Mommy, we’re synergizing, we’re cleaning the kitchen together.” I thought to myself, “Synergize, I just learned that word last week. How do you know how to pronounce it so well?” But she is able to understand what it means and it is taught in a practical way that she is able to implement it and use it in our home and with her friends. That is priceless. It is hard to be a parent, so to know that there is a system and a curriculum in the school that is working alongside you in your parenting and is aiding in that way is wonderful. We realize what an amazing impact it’s had on our family.

~Evelyn Alisaya, Parent, English Estates Elementary

I feel very privileged and lucky to be a parent of a child who goes to a school at English Estates Elementary because of the habits that are taught in the leadership program. What I like most is that it teaches my children practical stuff. You know, how to get through the day, how to get along with others, and things beyond academia. Of course we also expect the academics, but the habits teach them practical things. I was probably 24 years old and into my career a few years before I had the opportunity to learn these things. How much more efficient I know my children will be.

~Laura Carroll, Parent, English Estates Elementary

The leadership notebooks are great, because they put the responsibility for learning on the students, even my little 2nd grader. She graphs her spelling tests and her math tests and she graphs out where she’s going to and how many words she knows on her list. We have these student-led conferences where I go in and my child conducts the conference and tells me what goals she has set. She takes ownership of it.

~Laura Carroll, Parent, English Estates Elementary

Sometimes we see a call coming from the school on caller ID and our hearts just race with thoughts of: “What is wrong?” But then it turns out to be a teacher saying something about how great one of our daughters did that day, like, “Oh you should have been here, Simone read this,” or “Tiffany accomplished this feat.” They are always trying to emphasize the positive.

~Vernon and L’Tonya Meeks, Parents, A.B. Combs Elementary

With the leadership model at A.B. Combs, one thing they encourage kids to do is to get up in front of their class and to speak. Recently, when our fifth-grade son, Walter, was elected student body president, he was able to calmly present his speech in front of 700 people in the gym. Just watching him walk into that room, go up in front, and speak in such a nice, natural voice to all those people, was like watching the leadership model coming to a grand culmination. The beauty is that it began when he was 5 years old in kindergarten. So it was not this big jump to have to do that in 5th grade. It started small and it built. It was just that next step. And so it came sort of naturally to him.

~Steven and Helen Vozzo, Parents, A.B. Combs Elementary

I was concerned when the school said, “Hey, your kindergartener is going to be learning the 7 Habits.” I, as a manager, had just gone through the training a couple years before and was thinking, “Well how is that for kids?” But as I watched our kindergartner grow with it, I came to realize that if you put the expectations on the kids, they can do it. And that is what the leadership model says, “We believe in what these kids can do.”

~Steven Vozzo, Parent, A.B. Combs Elementary

When it comes to my children, I always go with my gut feeling. And my gut feeling is: “This is a place where there is a great nurturing environment. It is a place where I would want to be if I was a child.”

~Helen Vozzo, Parent, A.B. Combs Elementary

My son is in 3rd Grade. He has been at English Estates since kindergarten. One time when he was with me at the daycare where I work, there was a little girl that was having trouble with her shoes, and the other kids started picking on her. My son stood up and said, “You guys are not being leaders. We need to think win/win. Let's help her.” And he helped her put her shoes on and then they went outside and played. I was like, “Wow, is that my kid?” It is so amazing how he learns these things from school and then uses it outside of school. The leadership program provides a foundation. It started when he was in kindergarten, and it's just been building up, each grade level it keeps going.

~Joetta Moore, Parent, English Estates Elementary