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Dr. Stephen Covey

How can you differentiate yourself to find your ultimate job and advance your career in our fast changing economic environment? Let’s get to work, and we’ll show you how to succeed through video work-sessions, with Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo.

You will receive the following 8 video lessons, along with tools and other resources to help you stand out from other job applicants and build a meaningful career.

  1. Get the Work You Want: Get a new mindset—turn yourself into a valuable solution
  2. Find Your Voice: Find your passion and learn how to make a difference.
  3. Take Charge: Gain control of your work and life
  4. Define Your Contribution: Identify your unique contribution— become indispensable
  5. Build Your Village: Grow vital networks and support
  6. Create a Custom Resume: Focus on your potential employer's needs
  7. Write a Proposal Covey Letter: Show how you can help your employer
  8. Deliver an Engaging Interview: Prepare for a business dialogue

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