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On the Road with Stephen Covey

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Chelsea Johns, Program Manager
September 26, 2008

Not long ago, Dr. Covey had the opportunity to visit English Estates Elementary School in Fern Park, FL.  English Estates Elementary is a “7 Habits” school, implementing the 7 Habits into the curriculum and daily activities of each class.  The students are taught the 7 Habits and at the start of each new school year each class determines their class Mission Statement.  English Estates Elementary is continuing the successful leadership program, Leadership is Elementary. All English Estates students and staff learn the 7 Habits, emphasizing personal responsibility and personal leadership, respect for others, and the most effective classroom practices.  The habits are included in everything they do as a school.

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On the particular day of Dr. Covey’s visit the school—students and staff—had prepared a special welcome for Dr. Covey.  He drove up to the quad area of the school and as he exited the van he drove up in the students and staff welcomed him with clapping and cheering followed by the entire student body reciting, in unison, each of the 7 Habits with hand signs.  It was one of the most incredible sights and experience I have witnessed with Dr. Covey.  He was genuinely touched by the enthusiasm of the students and the spirit of the school.  He walked through the quad saying hello to students and staff, shaking hands, ruffling hair, and giving high 5’s.

Dr. Covey had the opportunity to visit a kindergarten class where he sat on the floor with them.  One student asked, “Why don’t you have any hair”?  Dr. Covey just chuckled and said, “I don’t know but I sure like your hair”.  I just loved watching him interact with these small children—on their level.  He visited a science class and was then invited into the library for a special presentation.  Each grade level had prepared a question to ask Dr. Covey and one student from each grade was chosen to be at this special presentation to ask Dr. Covey the question.  It was a highlight of this trip to hear these questions and see the excitement of the students as they stood next to Dr. Covey and asked him the question.  At the conclusion, the student body president thanked Dr. Covey for coming and presented him with a book that the entire school had compiled.  Each class had created a page in this book representing how they are implementing the 7 Habits into their classroom.  What a beautiful gesture and gift.

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