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Ask Stephen!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

This week, the Stephen Covey Community is letting you ask Stephen the questions you’ve always wanted to.

Within the “Ask Dr.Covey” area of the site, you can submit questions for Dr. Covey to answer and view questions asked by other community members. You can also vote on questions that you think are best by clicking on the Vote button.

The 10 questions with the highest number of “thumbs up” votes will posed to Dr. Covey during his next video shoot at the end of the month.

To join the fun join or login to the Stephen Covey Community and click on the “Ask Stephen” ink on your dashboard.
Here are some of the most popular questions so far:

  1. Dr. Covey, Is there such a thing as The Law of Attraction and if there isn’t, why does it sometimes feel like there is? Thank you
  2. Please tell us what was the greatest mistake you have ever made and what did you learn from it?
  3. How can I listen empathically with out judgments getting in the way?
  4. What is the most effective way to stay on track with your mission when dealing with everyday communications? I understand that the planning tools assist however I was wondering if there is a internal way to mentally train your mind to act according to your mission. Something to help avoid emotional stress and reactivity to society’s everyday drama.
  5. How does someone who tries to live by the character ethic deal with an organization that rewards those that live by personality ethics?

Thank you for your participation!

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