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Thanksgiving–A Willingness to Serve

Friday, November 21st, 2008

I just completed a speaking tour in Brazil, where I met and talked with many amazing, gracious people, who are profoundly committed to principle-centered living and service. One couple traveled over 15 hours with their baby to hear me speak. When they got there they were told that no babies were allowed in the hall. Not wanting to disappoint them, the organizers of the event offered to babysit their baby so they could attend the program. What a magnificent gesture and display of compassion and willingness to serve!

Another encounter also moved me and humbled me. I had the privilige of meeting with Dr. Ricardo Guimaraes who made great efforts to travel for the event. He is an eye doctor who years ago was in a bad airplane accident, where he risked his own life by pulling out passengers of the plane. As a result, Dr. Guimaraes suffered severe burns on his body with scars on many parts of his body that are still visible today. This experience caused him to have a total life change and he made the decision to be more service-oriented. He is now working with our FranklinCovey office in Brazil helping to develop The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens program to help the youth in Brazil. As I sat with Dr. Guimaraes, talking over lunch, I was so moved by his humility, courage, and willingness to serve.

When we are willing to serve others, we find our voice and our greatest selves. I encourage each of you to find your voice, especially during this holiday season of Thanksgiving in the U.S.. It is is in giving that we receive life’s greatest blessings. Thank you for all that you do in your families, workplaces, and community!

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Stephen Covey’s 7-Country Speaking Tour in Europe - Julie Edgin, Program Manager

Friday, November 7th, 2008

In October, we completed a 13-day, 7-country speaking tour with Dr. Covey across Europe. Having just joined Stephen’s team as his program manager, I was amazed at his energy level and stamina for a demanding travel schedule. How does he do this? The answer is simple: his passion drives him. Even though I found myself at times running low on energy, trying to keep up with a hectic schedule, I felt inspired by Dr. Covey’s energy for meeting with people and organizations to present principles for effectiveness and success. I felt equally inspired by the many audiences and people we met, who were so teachable and thirsting for the principles Dr. Covey teaches.

Dr. Covey presented in the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Denmark. Here are some snapshots of the trip:

Dr. Covey had the opportunity to have dinner with a business team from the Czech Republic. He felt so impressed with each team member and their enthusiasm to use principles and FranklinCovey solutions to strengthen individuals, organizations, and families. He was also impressed with their willingness to share their feelings about their own lives and the culture in Prague.

In Kazakhstan, Dr. Covey was intrigued by the questions posed by the audience and sensed their struggle with applying the principles into their businesses to move from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Worker Age. However, he was impressed with their desire to learn new paradigms of thinking and adopting new models of doing business, and, given time, he felt they would succeed. He also had the opportunity to present the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families and was very touched by their humility and eagerness to strengthen their families and relationships with each other.

He spoke to three different audiences in Latvia: university students, community, and business leaders. Each audience was extremely different, but all were like sponges soaking up the information. Many university students stood for over an hour while Dr. Covey presented. The questions asked by the business leaders intrigued and excited him. He could tell that many of them were already moving from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Worker Age.

In Denmark, we visited a school which was launching the 7 Habits in their curriculum. Dr. Covey was greeted enthusiastically by students, teachers and administrators who were filled with passion for the 7 Habits and for their plans to transform their school.

I’m very excited to have these experiences and see first-hand the power of principle-centered leadership—and how masterful Dr. Covey is in teaching universal principles. Our next international trip is to Brazil…I’ll report on that soon.

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Members on the Community Span 192 Countries!

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Stephen Covey is currently on a speaking tour in Europe. So far he’s been to the Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, and he’s now in Spain and ending the tour in Kazakhstan and Latvia early next week. We’ll report on the tour for an upcoming blog but wanted to share an experience Stephen had in Greece. He met a gentleman there who told him that he had just joined the Stephen Covey Community the day before. He approached Stephen, a bit timidly, and thanked him for his influence and for the opportunity to be part of the Community, sharing the great experiences he was having. This was an exciting moment for Dr. Covey to see the influence of the 7 Habits and principles spreading across the world and the connections that are being created on the Community.

So how many countries are represented in the Community?
So far, we have over 40,000 members from 192 countries (out of 194 countries in the world) represented on the site! As a member, you are truly part of a global community spanning every corner of the world. You are taking part in something truly unique as you make friends and connections with others throughout the world to spread your insights, your influence—to help people all over the world discover and learn the power of principle-centered living.

Thank you for being part of this profound movement! Let’s keep growing to spread the message—invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to join so they take part in a purposeful and visionary mission to thrive in a truly global community!

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On the Road with Stephen Covey

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Chelsea Johns, Program Manager
September 26, 2008

Not long ago, Dr. Covey had the opportunity to visit English Estates Elementary School in Fern Park, FL.  English Estates Elementary is a “7 Habits” school, implementing the 7 Habits into the curriculum and daily activities of each class.  The students are taught the 7 Habits and at the start of each new school year each class determines their class Mission Statement.  English Estates Elementary is continuing the successful leadership program, Leadership is Elementary. All English Estates students and staff learn the 7 Habits, emphasizing personal responsibility and personal leadership, respect for others, and the most effective classroom practices.  The habits are included in everything they do as a school.

src1.jpg    src2.jpg

On the particular day of Dr. Covey’s visit the school—students and staff—had prepared a special welcome for Dr. Covey.  He drove up to the quad area of the school and as he exited the van he drove up in the students and staff welcomed him with clapping and cheering followed by the entire student body reciting, in unison, each of the 7 Habits with hand signs.  It was one of the most incredible sights and experience I have witnessed with Dr. Covey.  He was genuinely touched by the enthusiasm of the students and the spirit of the school.  He walked through the quad saying hello to students and staff, shaking hands, ruffling hair, and giving high 5’s.

Dr. Covey had the opportunity to visit a kindergarten class where he sat on the floor with them.  One student asked, “Why don’t you have any hair”?  Dr. Covey just chuckled and said, “I don’t know but I sure like your hair”.  I just loved watching him interact with these small children—on their level.  He visited a science class and was then invited into the library for a special presentation.  Each grade level had prepared a question to ask Dr. Covey and one student from each grade was chosen to be at this special presentation to ask Dr. Covey the question.  It was a highlight of this trip to hear these questions and see the excitement of the students as they stood next to Dr. Covey and asked him the question.  At the conclusion, the student body president thanked Dr. Covey for coming and presented him with a book that the entire school had compiled.  Each class had created a page in this book representing how they are implementing the 7 Habits into their classroom.  What a beautiful gesture and gift.

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